Childbirth Classes


I am currently offering private, in home childbirth classes in Tacoma and Seattle. This is a great option for personally tailored education for you, your partner and support team. I am a certified childbirth educator through ICEA and teach with their philosophy in mind, “Freedom of choice based on the knowledge of alternatives.” Your class is tailored to suit your birth wishes and learning style. It will also include broad information and tools/ techniques so you will be prepared to make the best decisions for you and your family during labor, birth and with your newborn.

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Private classes are taught in either four or six weekly class sessions.


The following will be covered in both six and four week options:

  • nutrition and exercise
  • exercises to help with pregnancy discomforts
  • relaxation and partner enhanced relaxation
  • signs of labor/preterm labor
  • getting ready for labor
  • what to bring to your birth place
  • labor video
  • comfort measures during labor and birth
  • positions and movements during labor


  • stages of labor
  • interventions
  • when the unplanned happens
  • cesarean birth
  • newborn care
  • newborn tests
  • baby feeding
  • taking care of baby at home
  • postpartum changes with mom’s body