About the Doula

Hi, I’m Jessica Whitson.  I am an ICEA certified and trained birth doula, postpartum doula and childbirth educator.  I have been working with mom’s and their families for 10 years in Tacoma and Seattle, Washington.

jwhwDoula work is one of many things on the list that fills my heart.  If I could name 10 other love inducing ingredients they would be:  My son, my family, my community of friends, running, the circus, chocolate, cooking, wild flowers, sewing, french bakeries, and my son (yes, he gets two mentions because I learn more by being a parent than any other form of education.)

At age 12, I attended the birth of my nephew and was in instant awe of the miracle of birth.  Over the next several years I was blessed by being able to attend many more births.  I was inspired to become a doula by the loving and empowering support I received during the birth of my own son in 2003.  I believe in the nature of birth and the strength of women and the value of experienced support during the transition into motherhood.  I have spent the last seven years supporting women during the birth and postpartum period in a variety of settings from home to hospital.  It’s a great honor to be invited into your birth space.  Every birth I attend fills me with joy and is a reminder that this is exactly how I want to spend my life.