I am honored and blessed to be serving as a Doula in the beautiful Tacoma and Seattle area.

Jessica Whitson, ICD, CBE

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Jessica was an excellent doula for the birth of our daughter. Early on, my wife decided to attempt a natural childbirth and with no family in the area, we wanted to have a presence in the delivery room that would allow me, as the birth coach, to provide the best support I could. As a first time dad, it was slightly intimidating to be the primary support person for my wife during the childbirth, although we did not want a doula that would make my presence redundant. Jessica was the perfect choice for our birth, and she definitely enriched our experience.

From the beginning, Jessica made herself available to meet in person and answer all of our questions. We were in constant communication as the due date got closer, and when my wife went into labor, Jessica arrived at the hospital within an hour of our admittance and stayed there the entire night with us.

Throughout the labor process, Jessica’s demeanor was laid back and calming, and she offered useful recommendations (birth ball, music, candles) that aided in my wife’s comfort and worked seamlessly with the labor. She tailored her involvement in the process to how the labor was progressing and my confidence level with different techniques (breathing, helping the wife with squatting, etc.). We were also impressed with how helpful she was with the small things and Jessica’s attention to detail really made it a comfortable environment for my wife. Near the end, when it became a bit more intense, Jessica made some very effective recommendations for my wife’s birth position.

 Overall, having Jessica as our doula gave me the confidence to support my wife and provide her with a positive childbirth experience.

-Ryan Gocong

Jessica was a perfect choice for assisting in the birth of our first baby, Macy. Her calm, professional, supportive and knowledgeable demeanor were absolutely essential to the success of my plan for a natural, unmedicated birth. Her presence was just the right amount – not too much but not just background noise either. I can positively say that I would not have the positive memories without having had her involved in our special day.

Many, many thanks, Jessica!

-Jamie Palin

I had an amazing experience with Jessica as my doula. Throughout my pregnancy she was able to recommend literature, sleeping positions and birth preparation exercises that would help me at different stages of pregnancy. When the time finally came, I had to be induced and for two days Jessica helped me with walking, exercises, breathing and an overall sense of calm. I cannot express how much she helped in getting me through a very difficult birthing process. Jessica has a gift in this area and I could not recommend her more. She did everything from feeding me ice chips to holding my hand during contractions to taking pictures as my daughter was born. Her immense knowledge of labor and delivery provides a quiet confidence that is exactly what a labor experience needs. I am so thankful for Jessica and will have her at my side at the birth of my next child.


-Christa Jennings

When I went into labour I was terrified.  I wanted someone (besides my husband) there immediately.  Jessica arrived at least an hour before the midwife did.  I called and she came right away.  She was a continual comfort to my husband and I throughout the whole process.

 I really appreciated that she was able to find out what I needed and what my husband needed without taking the focus away from my labour; it never felt  like she was interrupting or asking me to focus on her.  It was as if she wasn’t there, yet, without her there things would not have been so peaceful and smooth.  We felt the comfort of her presence and her experience as a doula was obvious; she knew exactly what I needed.  And, throughout the entire process, she was so encouraging and uplifting, and she never stressed me out or gave me reason to worry about anything at all.  Jessica was there for my first birth, and I had no clue what to expect or what I would ever want from a doula, but now that I know, I am so grateful that Jessica was my doula.  I would recommend her for anyone, especially for first-timers who are not sure whether or not they need a doula, because you will be so glad to have Jessica help take care of you and provide you with the peace and comfort that really makes a huge difference during the intense birthing experience.

-Stacy Stevens